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Best Keypad Door Locks

These days, home and business owners as well as property managers have a massive variety of keypad technology available to help enforce security at their properties. Tons of brands offer keypad door locks, so it can be difficult to determine exactly what the best type of door lock is for your needs. In this blog post, the electronic lock experts at Nonstop Locksmith will give you some tips as to the best types of keypad door locks so that you can be better educated before you decide what type of keypad door lock to install.


Kwikset SmartCode 916 Electronic Keypad Deadbolt

This extremely handy lock is able to be integrated seamlessly with other home automation devices. It can be programmed with 30 customizable user access codes, including master code functionality fantastic for property managers. It also has an automated locking function that ensures that doors are never left unlocked – however this feature depends on perfectly positioned installation. This lock features patented side bar mechanisms that can prevent lock picking, bumping, and other attacks. It also features smart key features that allows property managers to easily rekey locks. However, this lock still requires a key, and is only a Grade 2 deadbolt – even if it does have a 128 bit encryption feature that reduces any chances of code hacking.


Schlage Touch Keyless Touchscreen BE 375-V

This lock doesn’t work with a lock cylinder, meaning it’s pick and bump proof. This lock has safeguards against power outages; firstly, it consumes negligible amounts of electricity by using a thumbturn operating bolt. This makes it so that the user has to turn the lock themself to open or lock the door – and if power does go out, the lock can always be jump started with a 9 volt battery, allowing you to enter your access code. It’s a budget friendly and minimal smart code lock, in Grade 2 security levels perfect for property managers.


Baldwin Boulder 8252 AC1 Keyless Entry Single Cylinder Deadbolt

This lock has a classic appearance, and is made of brass – and features a 5 pin C style keyway which provides a good amount of lock bumping, drilling, and picking resistance. It allows for programming of up to 30 customizable user access codes, as well as a normal physical key cylinder slot for both code and key based access options perfect for property managers.


Yale Real Living Assure Lock YRD446

This keyless lock prevents the possibility of lock bypass measures like picking and bumping, and can be integrated with an existing deadbolt as an upgrade. It has a weather protection gasket and tamper resistant battery cover ensuring that power cannot be intentionally shorted out. It comes along with a easy to use software application allowing property managers or homeowners to monitor it’s access data and functionality remotely. The lock is also fully compatible with other forms of smart home devices.


Corbin Russwin Access 700 PAC1

This lock is popularly used in college campuses or dormitory style settings, but can easily be transferred to a large residential multi unit property. It features a Grade 1 high security lock set, and is available in keypad/magnetic card stripe access options, as well as a simple magnetic stripe one. This lock can support up to 1200 seperate users, and keeps track of the most recent 700 access events. The coupling of a magnetic stripe with the ANSI Grade 1 lockset provides incredibly powerful security – not to mention the locks 3 hour UL fire rating for increased security and safety.


Mul-T Lock ENTR Touchpad Reader

This futuristic lock utilizes high security lock cylinders as well as strong cyber security features. It supports up to 20 different customizable user access codes, to allow property managers / visitors / workers easy access at specific times of day. It is also an ideal choice for commercial settings. It’s a completely keyless lock that uses access control management to allow property managers to keep track of all access stories – not to mention that it’s fully compatible with other home automation devices or smart home devices, making it one of the best easy to use keypad door locks on the market today.


Kaba E-Plex 1500 Series

This secure keypad door lock is a Grade 2 lockset, but has a bevy of other high security features that compensate for this. It can store up to 100 seperate codes, making it an ideal choice for property managers or businesses with many employees. It keeps track of an audit trail of the most recent one thousand interactions, recording the exact access time and authority level of the user – making total access control management super easy. It can be programmed with up to 5 separate authority levels, allowing for master keying for property owners, bosses, homeowners or anyone else who needs constant access. The Kaba lock aso has strong anti tamper lockout protocols that lock out users after a number of unsuccessful access attempts, making it nearly difficult for anyone guessing the code to gain access. THe lock also boasts a relocking function that automatically locks the door at a programmable time gap of anywhere between 3 and 20 seconds, as well as having 3 hours of UL rated fire protection.


Sargent Keypad Cylindrical Lock

This incredibly powerful lock isn’t quite keyless – it has a keyway, albeit one with an ANSI Grade 1 deadbolt and body – the highest level of security. THe keypad has a 10 line cylindrical lock that actually goes way beyond the ANSI Grade 1 testing rating qualifications; the test that tests how many cycles a lock can go through before it shows signs of degradation. While a regular ANSI Grade 1 lock can withstand over 500,000 access cycles, this Sargent lock can 5 times more than this. The lock can store 100 user access codes, with full potential for master keying and programming of access codes of varying authorities – including master codes, emergency codes, and supervisor codes. The emergency code allows access even when the deadbolt is thrown or the lock is on low battery – which allows emergency personnel to open the lock if needed, and allows for constant access even in low battery situations. It also boasts safeguards against unauthorized users guessing the code – if three wrong entry codes are entered one after another, all the codes will be temporarily disabled. This lock, of course, also allows property managers or homeowners to monitor a detailed audit trail of all the various access transactions, logging the time the lock was used and the authority level of the users.


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Mikey M.

My husband and I just bought our first place and needed the locks changed. Being that we needed it done quickly and after business hours (right after closing), I took a chance on going with the first place on Yelp. I couldn’t be happier!! CHRIS came out and was fantastic. He’s very knowledgeable on his craft and super friendly. He got the job done fast and the locks/keys work great. I’m actually about to call again, right now, to change another lock we didn’t know to change that night (for a storage room). Now, I’ve never needed locks changed, but I thought the prices to be reasonable. They charge by the item, not the hour, and gave me pricing right over the phone.

Megan C.

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