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Unique Capabilities of Access Control for Apartment Buildings


Access control technology, especially token or card based access/entry control has been commonplace in commercial environments for a long time, with many business people already being used to using this sort of technology to enter their offices. However, today, access control technology is being increasingly phased in within apartment complexes, due to its ability to implement unprecedented levels of security – as well as peace of mind for both tenants and building managers. Here’s a guide to the unique capabilities that access control systems offer apartment complexes – outside from the typical ways that they allow residents two-way communication with visitors outside the residential complex – as prepared by the access control system installation experts here at Nonstop Locksmith and Security Solutions.

Protected Entry

Apartment complex tenants always want to feel safe – and they will feel even safer if you modify the doors to the apartment building constantly locked, making certain that no criminals can simply walk in. With an access control system installed, tenants only need to simply swipe their personal access card or input their code to unlock the front door. Proximity based key fobs make the entire process even easier, letting residents with simply just an access card the ability to open the door without having to search for it or have it in hand.


Selective Environment Access

With an access control system in place, you can ensure that only certain people can access only certain environments. Sometimes, apartment complexes have a shared entrance with public or retail space; in these situations, you want visitors to be able to access the shopping areas, while residents should only be able to enter the apartment areas. The perfect solution in this case is to keep the main entrance unlocked in business hours, with any elevators, stairs, or doors to residential areas requiring an access card or code for entry. You can program tokens or cards to only grant access to particular floors of a particular apartment, ensuring that your tenants will have the maximum amount of privacy and security while ensuring that the public can access retail area.


Parking Area Security

You want to make sure that your building tenants always have a place to park their vehicles, and that people off the street don’t exploitative-ly utilize this parking. We recommend gating off the parking area, securing it from access by the general public, and protecting it with an access control system (card readers are a great option) allowing tenants access to the parking area through the gate before it closes.


Common Area Access

Some apartment complexes boast common areas like swimming pools, laundry rooms, gyms, roof decks, and lounges. You want to make sure that your tenants, and only your tenants, can access these areas. You can do so by installing an access control system, programming residential tokens to access to all common areas, or making certain common areas off-limits at specific times. This is ideal for buildings that boast areas that can be rented out for events – key cards can be programmed to unlock these areas only at this time. This has the additional benefit of allowing building managers to research and check up the access control history for certain rooms in the event of an incident happening in any common area.


Remote Management

Building managers can manage and make changes and modifications to their access control system from nearly anywhere, simply using the internet. Building managers can add or remove residential access cards as new people move in, change access for common areas, make certain doors temporarily unlock or lock – the possibilities are nearly endless!

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Non-Stop sent Chuck to do my door. I had to change keys because my abusive boyfriend finally moved out. He was very friendly and very professional. He even arrived about 5 minutes before the time he was supposed to be! He told me that he has worked for this company since they opened. It took him only about 20 minutes to do everything. The price is reasonable: $65 flat rate and $35 per door. I work on a customer service-oriented job and I can definitely say that this company excels in that part. If you need a locksmith in the Logan Square, Avondale area, don’t waste your time with other companies. Just call Non-Stop! Thanks, Chuck!

Erika B.

These guys truly are one in a million! Top of the line products and service!!! I will recommend them to all my friends and family. Shimon-THANK YOU for the new camera/door bell!!! I love it!!

Karmin Avakain

Had a car lockout and needed an ignition key. Went to the Infiniti and Nissan dealership (Berman’s Infiniti) to “try” and get stuff sorted out but was met with bad service and tons of misinformation which left a bad impression. One person said one thing and the tech said another. I lost a lot of time and wasted effort trying to get stuff from the dealer’s service center. Then I got a referral to Non-Stop locksmith to get the job done. Quote was accurate had a great job done, courteous service and fast quality work. Dude made keys on the spot! My tech Robert went up and beyond my expectations to help me out of a jam.

Mikey M.

My husband and I just bought our first place and needed the locks changed. Being that we needed it done quickly and after business hours (right after closing), I took a chance on going with the first place on Yelp. I couldn’t be happier!! CHRIS came out and was fantastic. He’s very knowledgeable on his craft and super friendly. He got the job done fast and the locks/keys work great. I’m actually about to call again, right now, to change another lock we didn’t know to change that night (for a storage room). Now, I’ve never needed locks changed, but I thought the prices to be reasonable. They charge by the item, not the hour, and gave me pricing right over the phone.

Megan C.

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