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The Importance of Security Gates


Owners of all manners of businesses must face a certain element of risk at all times. The risk of a burglar breaking into your warehouse and stealing your inventory can be the downfall of a business – and all business owners need to assess their security in order to determine whether or not your business could survive this sort of crisis unscathed. Businesses exist in order to make profit. However if any of your business’s security is compromised, your profits will exponentially decline over time. In the USA, thefts account for around two percent of business loss. Since many criminals are getting smarter and reforming their tactics over time, our preventative strategies need to get stronger over time too. If you have a security gate at your business, but it’s not functioning, this article is for you. Here are our top reasons to make sure that your security gates are restored to an up-to-code level of functionality as soon as possible.


Next-Door Businesses have been Stolen from or Robbed

Since it’s likely that if you’re running a business, there’s other businesses in the area, you should find out soon if the crime rates in your area suddenly increase. If a neighboring store has experienced theft, you should know that your business is also vulnerable. As a business-owner, it is your responsibility to keep yourself updated as to any criminal activities in the area. You can find out about any of this information from local news reports or channels, and by getting to know your neighbors. Closely pay attention to exactly what got stolen, or what security weaknesses were exploited in order to pull off the crime. Learn from any of the security mistakes that your businesses made, and get your security gate repaired for any prevention against burglaries.


Customer Loss

Many studies and polls have proved that regular people are more likely to place their trust into businesses that have fully secured parking lots for its customers. For the most part, customers decide the true security of a parking lot based on three factors: it’s price, the surrounding setting, and the degree to which it’s fenced in. Of course, nobody wants to pay to use a parking lot that doesn’t offer real security. (proximity is also somewhat of a concern, as people generally want to park as close to the business as possible.) If your parking lot isn’t secured with a top level security gate, it’s much less likely for customers to want to visit your store by car.


Crime Rates are Hiking Up

There’s a few factors that make crime in any given area increase. Financial problems – on a local, county, state, or country wide scale is one of the most serious reasons for crime statistics to increase. Currently, in the United States, crime is on the rise, and many businesses are suffering loss due to burglary. Taking this unfortunate trend in mind, taking the security of your business seriously, and bumping it up with a secure, sturdy, and long-lasting gate is absolutely, 100% worth the investment.


Chicago Locksmith Tips

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Non-Stop sent Chuck to do my door. I had to change keys because my abusive boyfriend finally moved out. He was very friendly and very professional. He even arrived about 5 minutes before the time he was supposed to be! He told me that he has worked for this company since they opened. It took him only about 20 minutes to do everything. The price is reasonable: $65 flat rate and $35 per door. I work on a customer service-oriented job and I can definitely say that this company excels in that part. If you need a locksmith in the Logan Square, Avondale area, don’t waste your time with other companies. Just call Non-Stop! Thanks, Chuck!

Erika B.

These guys truly are one in a million! Top of the line products and service!!! I will recommend them to all my friends and family. Shimon-THANK YOU for the new camera/door bell!!! I love it!!

Karmin Avakain

Had a car lockout and needed an ignition key. Went to the Infiniti and Nissan dealership (Berman’s Infiniti) to “try” and get stuff sorted out but was met with bad service and tons of misinformation which left a bad impression. One person said one thing and the tech said another. I lost a lot of time and wasted effort trying to get stuff from the dealer’s service center. Then I got a referral to Non-Stop locksmith to get the job done. Quote was accurate had a great job done, courteous service and fast quality work. Dude made keys on the spot! My tech Robert went up and beyond my expectations to help me out of a jam.

Mikey M.

My husband and I just bought our first place and needed the locks changed. Being that we needed it done quickly and after business hours (right after closing), I took a chance on going with the first place on Yelp. I couldn’t be happier!! CHRIS came out and was fantastic. He’s very knowledgeable on his craft and super friendly. He got the job done fast and the locks/keys work great. I’m actually about to call again, right now, to change another lock we didn’t know to change that night (for a storage room). Now, I’ve never needed locks changed, but I thought the prices to be reasonable. They charge by the item, not the hour, and gave me pricing right over the phone.

Megan C.

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